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Devotional Speech (Molana’s birth chart)

By Borzou Ghaderi

The birth chart can be considered as a mirror to reflect all dimensions of the human personality and appear karmic games. Reading of masters and mystics’ charts always has the common points but on the other hand, each chart shows a magnificent and unique approach through differentiations and Maya to cosmic love and divinity.

Molana Jallal ud-din Mohammad Balkhi, one of the most famous Iranian mystics and poets, has formed an immortal love story which reflects great and unusual devotion and wisdom in his speech, and we can see it by  analyzing his chart. In this essay I try to show it based on astrological principles.

About Molana

Molana was born on 7/10/1207 in the city of Balkh in the Persian Empire. (According to “Managheb” and “Nafahat”, two the oldest texts is related to molana’s life, he was born on Rabi al-Awal 6, 604 in Islamic calendar that you can change it to Gregorian calendar).

His father was Baha ullah Walad, a respected sheikh (Sufi Master) from the school of Kobravi (the followers of Sheikh Najmedin Kobra). Molana was directed and instructed by teachings of his father for 24 years and then his father passed away.

At the time of Molana’s birth, the atmosphere of the Iranian society was unsafe, especially for philosophers and Sufis, therefore molana and his family left Iran and went to Turkey which belonged to Roman Empire. Because of this, sometimes call him as Molana Jalal ud-Din Rumi. (His family left Iran for Turkey approximately in 1217).

Molana was educated not only in his father’s school but also in the most famous schools in Halab and Damascus and finally he returned to Konya while he was a theologian and philosopher. The most important event in his life happened on December 6, 1244 when a great Sufi master, Shams Tabrizi, arrived at Konya and changed his life completely forever.

He could awaken and elevate molana’s spirit into cosmic and divine love. In this regard molana has said:

I was dead,

I became alive,

I was tears,

I turned to laughter,

Love’s wealth came to me,

I became immortal,

My vision is satisfied now,

My soul is brave.

I have the guts of a lion,

I am the shining Venus.

He said to me, “you are not crazy,

Crazy enough to be in chains.”

He said, “You are not drunk,

Go, you do not belong.”

I went and became drunk,

Filled myself with joy.

He said, “You have not been slain,

You have not burst with joy.”

In front of his life giving face,

I dropped and I died.

He said, “you are very smart,

Too imaginative, too full of doubts.”

I became a fool,

A nervous fool,

Then came a sudden shock.

I cut my ties from everyone.

He said, “You have become a candle,

You light up every crowd.”

I am not a candle,

I am not a crowd.

I became smoke and spread around.

He said, “You are sheikh, you are the brain,

You lead and you conduct”.

I am not sheikh,

I am not leading.

I follow your orders, I am your slave.

(D.S. gh #1393)

Based on Sufi teachings, Shams travelled from Iran to Konya in search of molana who was ready to realize the truth and just need a real Guru.

Shams-e Tabrizi moved my soul thereafter; I was a harp playing the tune of love.

(D.S. gh #1787)

Molana and Shams spent many months together in seclusion, without any contact with the outside world. This ecstatic connection raised many concerns in the religious community. For that reason, Shams disappeared suddenly.

Molana created extraordinary poetical works which unveils the secrets of mysticism and way to self realization. He has 3 poetical works:

  1. Divan-e-Shams (D.S.) which includes about 40000 verses.
  2. Mathnavi which includes 25632 verses.
  3. Robaiyat which includes 3318 verses.

He has also three other works:

  1. Fih-e-ma fihe
  2. Makatib
  3. Majales-e-Sabae

As blood boils in my body, I color it with poetry.

(D.S. gh #2807)

Molana’s Chart

Based on my rectification he was born on 7/10/1207 at 23:02’:50” and in Balkh (36 N 45 , 66 E 54).]his lagna is karka, the sign of the Moon and the lagna of such masters like Sri Aurobindu, As Dr. Frawley has described properly the personality of cancerians in “Astrology of the Seers” (p. 97).

Janma Kundali

“….they are devoted, loving and intuitive, sensing immediately the feelings of the others. They have powerful imaginations, yet may be bound by subconscious fixations and attachments. They are usually of a devotional bent of mind, yet they will represent and project the beliefs they follow to the world at large ….”.

The Nakshatra of lagna is “Pushya” which its symbol is an arrow and its deity is Brihaspati, the lord of sacred speech. We know that Jupiter becomes exalted in pushya and in this chart Jupiter is located here also! (as the lord of 9th house) and shows intuitive wisdom, powerful speech, devotion and all forms of worship. So he comes to this world as an arrow to revive the Dharma by sacred and devotional speech.

Moon as lagna lord aspects the lagna and makes a powerful Gajakesari yoga with exalted Jupiter. The moon nakshatra is “Uttarashadha” which its deities are Vishwadevas, the sons of the god Dharma. Their shakti is Aparadhrisya shakti that grant an unchallengeable victory.

Rahu, Ketu are located in the 2nd and 8th houses, the houses of personal and collective expression and communication. We can see same situation in the charts of some other mystics, writers and teachers also. For instance we can see RKA in 2nd and 8th houses of Krishna Murthi’s chart while RK dispositors are in exaltation and in the two Kendra houses.

Mark Twain, the famous author, also has KRA in 2nd and 8th houses.

Ketu gives subtle insight and secret knowledge and in the 2nd house may show expression of secret and spiritual studies. An interesting point here is RK dispositors (mean Sun and Saturn) both are located in the moksha houses and in 5-9 distance from each other.

Mars is in its own sign in the 5th house, the house of creation, learning, sharp wisdom, devotion and initiation.

In this regard we should consider that the Gregorian calendar was established in 1582 AD and before that Julian calendar was valid. So, in different software you may see some differences as result of using Julian or Gregorian calendars.

Sacred Speech

There are several items for analyzing words and speech such as:

  1. 2nd house
  2. The sign which is located in the 2nd house
  3. The effects of planets on 2nd house as placement, aspects and so on
  4. The Yogas which are made in the 2nd house
  5. The lord of the 2nd house
  6. The strength or weakness of 2nd house and its lord based on shadbala & Ashtakawarga
  7. Mercury as significator for speech
  8. Reading of these items in the vargas.

Now I would try to analyze these items in Molana’s chart who is the king of devotional poems among Sufi masters.

An interesting point in this chart is debilitation of the lord of 2nd house. So, the native should be silent! But on the other hand Venus (as the symbol of love) is located in its own sign and in a Kendra house beside the sun (which is atmakaraka) she is powerful and didn’t burn.

The debility of sun was cancelled by many reasons. The sun is on an angle from lagna and the moon. The lord of 7th sign (sign of sun’s debility) is in its own sign and we can see great Vargottama (sun is in 7th sign in D.3, D.9, D.4, D.7, D.10 and D.12)

As a result of this cancelation we can see a person who detaches from expression of himself and just speaks in love, empty from ego and full of divine words! Sun dispositor is powerful Venus.

You are the origin, who am i?

I am a mirror in your hands,

Whatever you show, that I become.

I am the mirror and the examiner both.

(D.S. gh #1397)

The mirror reflects the face of anyone,

Because the mirror has no face.

A hundred times a day it reflects beauty and evil to no avail.

The mirror has nothing against the ugly.

It does not desire the beautiful either.

(D.S. ch #681)

As I said before, ketu in the 2nd house may show mysterious words and going beyond ordinary speech. We should consider the ketu nakshatra which is “Purva Phalguni” and its lord is Venus. Saturn as 8th lord aspects on 2nd house and can emphasize mysterious and spiritual words.

Mercury as significator of speech is located in its own sign and is the most powerful planet in shadbala system for this chart. Mars shows creativity and Ketu in 2nd house may show going beyond ordinary words and 2nd house is powerful based on sarvashtakawarga.

Finally we should say the location of planets is suitable to create a poet but of course the poet himself believes that ha can go beyond the effects of planets!

Beyond the stars are stars, in which there is neither combust nor sinister aspect,

Stars moving in other heavens, not the seven heavens known to all stars immanent in the radiance of the light of god, neither joined to each other nor separate.       

Whose hath his fortune from these stars; his soul drives off and consumes the unbelievers. God sprinkled his light over spirits, but only the blest held up their skirts to receive it.

(Mathnavi,  1/754)

[1] gh stands for Ghazal which is a group of verses which aims at explaining a specific subject.