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Chart Rectification in Tajika System

By: Borzou Ghaderi

Chart rectification is a necessary consideration for all astrologers who want to give clients accurate astrological information. As the rashi charts of many people are the same, we should examine the divisional charts, as well as “Gochara” or “Vargas” to do more proper astrological foreseeing but as we know in few minutes, “vargas” will be changed. So we must find exact birth time for our predictions.

Different methods of rectification

Generally, we can divide methods of rectification into two main categories:

  1. Computational methods
  2. Comprehensive methods

Computational methods are based on some calculations for determining Lagna or sex of the native. For example the theory behind Nadi system in rectification depends on “Pancha Maha Bhutani” or five elements which are followed on any day one by one in a regular sequence and the sex of the person is known by the element prevailing at that time. On the other hand, we should examine it with constellation which the moon is found at that time. Some other methods refer to the situation of moon and Mandi or primary and secondary directions.

Comprehensive methods, are based on examining birth time in periods of Dashas and subdashas in relation to events of life and the personality of native in comparison with Yogas and different abilities of the chart.

In this essay, I’d like to present a new suggestion related to both computational and comprehensive methods of rectification that we can consider them in annual horoscopy not natal chart.

Tajika system in astrology

Tajika has been presented a unique and useful system in astrology especially predictive approach which has focused on the transit of various planets at the exact moment of solar return, and each chart can be acceptable for one solar year.

Now, as we all know, many exact dates like time of marriage, parents’ or friends’ death, children birth and so on, are known for most of us but exact birth time is unknown. Therefore, Tajika astrologers try to rectify a chart based on the most important events in our lives which can be examined in annual horoscopy.

While comprehensive methods try to verify a chart in the realm of a person’s life, Tajika says that it may be enough if we can rectify a chart just in one year. If we rectify longitude of the sun for that year, so we know birth time simply.

A new suggestion for rectification

In the classical Tajik texts, we can find some computational methods which I’d like to introduce one of them in this essay.

The philosophy behind this method is very simple and includes two main steps:

  1. First of all, if we can find a specific arc in zodiac which shows the event, so we can rectify the longitude of the sun for that year.
  2. When we have known exact longitude of the sun in any year, so we can rectify the birth time also.

Generally speaking, if we can consider the exact time of a specific event like marriage, financial success and death of somebody and so on, and find the related sahams and suitable arc in comparison with Varsha-kundali, we can rectify the longitude of the sun for that year. Then based on rectified varshaphal we should rectify the janma-kundali.

Now this method would be explained step by step:

  1. Calculate the native’s chart based on average of the time that you know. It means that if birth time of native is between 10 to 11 am, so you should consider 10:30 am.
  2. Based on approximate chart, calculate the varsha-kundali related to one year that includes one important event.
  3. Calculate the distance between the cusp of the varsha ascendant and the event (in days)
  4. Change the days into degrees based on following formula:

Y = X x 0.9857

X = length of time in days

Y = distance of the time in zodiacal arc in degrees

  • As we know, each year is 365.2244 days approximately. On the other hand, sun returns to the same longitude after above time but zodiac is 360 degrees and if we want to change the sun motion into degrees, we should :

360 ÷ 365.2244 = 0.9857

  • Now, we should find the related arc in varsha kundali which shows that event (about this stage we speak more)
  • Then we can rectify it based on following formula:

Y = Z – Asc(VP)

Z = the situation of that specific arc in degrees

And we find exact longitude of the sun for that year.

  • In relation to the subject that was mentioned in the number 5 (the situation of related arc) we can consider some items including:
  • The distance of related saham to the cusp of Aries (length of saham)
  • The distance of specific planet which shows that event in varsha-kundali
  • The distance of related saham to a planet which shows that event


Sample A:

Approximate birth time: Sep 11th, 1946 around 21:00 – 22:00

Birth place: Mashhad, Iran

Sex: Female

Chosen Event: Marriage

Event time: June 25th, 1971 around 15:00 – 19:00

Event Place: Tehran, Iran

Other events:

Birth of second child (female): April 6th, 1977 around 13:00, Ahwaz, Iran

As I told before, this method of rectification uses the time of an important event in the native’s life, marriage in this case, and calculates the time between the start of the varshaphala of the year which the event has happened, and the time the event has happened, Then converts this period of time to degrees of an arc. Then it searches the varshaphala for an arc which starts from a specific starting point such as the lagna (first house) or the beginning of the zodiac (zero of Aries) and ends with an indicator of the event, such as the event karakas (shukra in this case and indicators of the 7th house also the lord of the saham) or the saham for the event (vivaha saham in this case). It changes the birth time to equalize these two arcs and find the exact birth time.

Applying the method for sample A step by step:

Step 1: the janma kundali is calculated for an estimated time which is usually the middle of the given period. Here we choose 21:30 for the given data and we see that the lagna will be about 6 degrees of vrishabha. This shows us that lagna has changed somewhere during the given period. For example if we calculate it for 21:00 then the lagna will be Mesha.

Janma Kundali

Step 2:

We use the calculated chart for the estimated birth time to calculate the Varshaphala of the event, which in this case will be the varshaphal for the 24th year of the native’s life. This varshaphal will start around 1:05, Sep 12th 1970.

Step 3:

From 1:05, Sep 12th 1970 to 17:00, June 25th 1971 is 286 days and 15 hours and 55 minutes or 286.663194 days. At this point this length of time must be converted to degrees of arc using the following formula:

1 day = 0.9856266 degree (Arc = days/1.014583)

So the arc we are searching for will be 282:32:34 degrees or 9 rashis and 12:32:34 degrees.

Step 4:

Now we need to choose the arc we want to equalize with the base arc. Let’s have a look at the varshaphala:


If we consider the varshaphal lagna as the beginning of this arc then the end must fall somewhere in the 10th house to be equal to the base arc. Saturn is there sitting in the 10th house in its debilitation sign looking to the 4th house where Venus and Jupiter are in exact conjunction and looking to the lord of the 7th house, Saturn. So, it seems that Saturn can be an indicator for marriage in this varshaphal and it will be acceptable if we use Saturn as the other end of this arc. This will give us the following formula for rectification:

Base arc = Sa Vp – La Vp or better to say: Su Ev – Su Vp = Sa Vp – La Vp

As you see in this formual only La Vp (Varshaphal Lagna) changes very rapidly by a small change in the birth time so it will be easy to rectify the birth time.

Step 5:

Birth time calculation:

La Vp = Sa Vp – base arc

La Vp + 9 rashis = Sa Vp – 14:36:38

La Vp = 3 rashis + 14:30:52

Now by increasing and decreasing the birth time little by little and calculating the varshaphal lagna each time we can arrive to a time that the varshaphal lagna will nearest to 14:30:52 karka and that is 22:23:57 hours.

Please note that if we want be more accurate we need to consider the slight change in the varshaphal sun position as we change the birth time. This could be considered in every step of the calculation or repeating step 5 after we reach an exact birth time with the new Su Vp which is done in the following:

Su Vp = 25:18:38 Leo

La VP = 14:33:03

Birth time : 22:24:08

Now the Su Vp = 25:18:39 which only differs the previous position in 1 second of an arc and can be forgotten because a change of only 1 second in birth time will change sun position several seconds of arc

Step 6:

Checking the rectified time :

The event will be checked considering the vargas and dashas calculated based on the rectified time. In this case the rashi and navamsha are calculated. Please note that the marriage happens during Me/Me/Ve/Me dasha.

Rectified Janma Kundali

Rectified Navamsha

In the rashi chart, Me is rulling 7th and 4th from Mo and it is the lord of Ketu’s nakshatra and 7th house. On the other hand, Venus is the karaka for marriage and lagna lord and the lord of Mercury’s nakshatra and is in conjunction with Jupiter (husband indicator). In navamsha , Saturn is the 7th lord and it is a Parivarthana between Saturn and Venus. Venus and Mercury are in conjunction with each other. So it seems the dasha of marriage is acceptable.

Birth of first daughter is in Me/Ve/Jp/Ke dasha. Birth of second daughter is in Me/Mo/Jp/Ve dasha which both seem acceptable especially considering the saptamsha. So we can strongly suggest that the native was born on 22:24:08, Sep 11th 1946 in mashhad, Iran.

Sample B:

This chart belongs to a man who born in Kermanshah/IRAN on july 7th, 1975 between 10:30 to 12:30 am.

Janma Kundali

His father’s death was on August 18th, 2005 about 4:00 am.

  1. His Lagna is virgo (we consider his birth time 11:30 approximately)
  2. His varshaphal for 2005 (the year of his father’s death) is Gemini.
  3. The distance between the event and varsha is:

Solar return time for him in 2005:  July 26th, 2005 – 11:30 am

Varshapal Chart 2005

The time of his father’s death: August 18th, 2005 – 4:00 am

23 –   = 22.6875

  • Y = X x 0.9857

Y = 22.6875 x 0.9857  ≈ 22.363° (the distance in degrees)

  • Now we should find the specific arc which shows the event
  • The lord of 12th house after 10th house is Saturn.
  • The moon is located in the 10th house (father’s house) and the lord of her nakshatra is Saturn.
  • Pitri saham (father’s saham) is 24° of cancer. Saturn is in conjunction with sun and both are located in cancer! So Saturn shows father’s death in the chart.
  • Y = Z – Asc (VP)

22.363 = Shani – Asc (VP)

22.363 = 7:17 – Asc(VP)

Asc (VP) ≈ 15°

In this essay I try to introduce annual horoscopy as a new suggestion to rectify the charts both in computational or comprehensive methods but of course we need more works to complete it as a qualified method.