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About Borzou Ghaderi

Borzou Ghaderi was born in Tehran, Iran on 9th of May 1970.  His enthusiasm for mysticism, philosophy  and spirituality began at a very early age while listening to Rumi’s ‘Masnavi and Maanavi’ and to the poetry of  Attar of Nishapur, a Persian Sufi poet, and later in life he spent 14 years with well-known Sufis and dervishes namely Darvish Noureddin Chahardehi.  Other teachers include a well know Persian philosopher Mr. Sadoghi Soha (Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies).

While pursuing his spiritual path, Borzou Ghaderi continued his education in Shahid Beheshti University and attained his M.A. in Philosophy. 

He traveled extensively throughout India visiting many Ashrams and Guru’s in his quest for the answers to his spiritual questions. Borzou Ghaderi spent years in solitude spending his time in contemplation and meditation for the purpose of pursuing spiritual goals and transformation. During this period, he obtained extensive knowledge of the Yoga and Vedanta philosophy and furthermore, he completed his studies on Ayruvedic Medicine, Jyiotish  and Sthapatiya Veda. 

Some of the spiritual Gurus and Swamis Borzou Ghaderi studied with during his visits to the Himalaya and India were Gurakh Baba, Brahmaveta Shri Devraha Hans Baba, Pilot Baba, Satyananda Saraswati and Darmandranath (Baba Darmandra).  He earned titles such as Sheikh, Swami, Veda Kovid and Jyotish Visharad during his years of studying and teaching spirituality and mysticism.  

Borzou Ghaderi attained his Jyiotish studies with masters such as David Frowley (American Institute of Vedic Studies), Dr. Krishna Singh Charak (Head of the Department of Surgery at Spinal Injury Hospital in Delhi and Vedic Astrology Instructor in the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in Delhi), J.N. Sharma (renowned Vedic Astrologer) and Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma (Doctor of Ayruvedic Medicine, Member of Research Oriented Studies of Indian Council of Astrological Science, Chennai).

In 2017, Borzou Ghaderi established Soura Publications in an effort to preserve the cultural heritage of Iran and the world. This publication plans and directs modern studies and research in the field of Human Sciences and Health. 


  • Cofounded ‘ Yoga Instructor Training Courses’ in Iran Yoga Association
  • Founder of Iranian Association  of Vedic Studies, 2003
  • Founder of Surya Publications in Iran, 1997
  • Instructor for Complementary Medicine and Ayurveda
  • Instructor for Indian and Persian Astrology